Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras

Departure from Hotel to International Airport La Aurora or bus station, to return to your country or maybe continue your adventure

At morning, visit to El Baul, a display of magnificent monuments found in the area, including some of the oldest long count dates. Bilbao mounds and altars, still considered sacred by the Living Maya and Las Ilusiones Museum, displaying carved thrones and its surrounding monuments and stairs as found. El Baul, Bilbao and Las Ilusiones are the names of modern sugar cane plantations. For Maya scholars, this is the Cotzumalguapa Culture. Later visit to La Democracia Town central square, were Olmec style heads and big belly monuments are located, mostly brought from the totally destroyed Monte Alto site. By afternoon, drive through the Pacific Coastal Plains towards Retalhuleu, overnight at Takalik Lodge

Visit to Takalik Abaj Archaeological Site, maybe you could be the first visitors of the day, due the Takalik Lodge is only 1 mile away. Takalik plays an important role in the process of understanding the transition from the Pre-Classic to the Classic, the important influence of the Olmecs at some time of its history and its later decline. Maybe the only site where Olmec style and Maya style monuments were placed side by side. By Afternoon visit to the Retalhuleu Museum of Archaeology, mostly to see a full size replica of a quatrefoil altar dated 800BC, found at La Blanca Site. The original is made of clay and it was buried again by the archaeologist, to preserve it. After visit to museum return to Guatemala City for accommodation (Selected hotel or similar)

Early morning departure from Guatemala City to San Salvador where we will start the tour to the archeological site of Joya de Ceren, a Mayan village that shows how social groups lived common Mayan, the place was buried under the ashes of the eruption of a volcano, which is why he is known as the Pompeii of America. It was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continue to Suchitoto this city offers colonial architecture, a city that was important in the development of the indigo industry. Visit to Santa Lucia Church, built in 1853, museums and major streets. We will enjoy the variety of nature including Suchitlán Lake to see the flora and fauna of the place. This impressive artificial lake covers an area of water surface of 135 square kilometers, making it the largest lake in El Salvador. Accommodation in selected hotel or similar

At the scheduled time departure to the Honduran border of Anguiatu, we will stop at Cerro Verde, an inactive volcano that has a cloud forest in and around the crater with a temperature ranging between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius. Here we will hike in the forest inside the crater. After touring the Cerro Verde National Park, continue to the border with Honduras, on our arrival in Copan Free afternoon selected hotel or similar accommodation

Day 6
In the morning, visit to Copan Archaeological Site. An UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980, Copan was the southern major center of lowland Maya civilization and is famed for its artistic sculpture. The great Hieroglyphic Stairway was dedicated in 755 and it bears a continuous text of more than 1250 glyph blocks listing dates and names of the city's Classic Period rulers. Because of its beautiful artwork, unsurpassed in any other Maya city, Copan occupies a special place in the study of the ancient Maya. Visit to Copan’s Museum of Maya Sculpture, which contains some of the finest examples of Maya sculpture ever found. Dominating the center of the museum is a full-scale brightly colored replica of the Rosalila Temple, which was completed in 571. The ball courts are the playing grounds of an extremely serious sport to the Mayans. These games are believed to have had religious significance: the captain of one team was sacrificed to the gods.  Overnight in Copan (Selected hotel or similar)

Day 7 - QUIRIGUA / Flores Petén
Depart from hotel in Honduras to Guatemala’s Caribbean coastal plains, visiting Quirigua on route, which also is a World Heritage Archaeological Site since 1981(UNESCO). This strategically located, river city of the Classic Period controlled the important Motagua Valley, trade route linking the Caribbean coast with interior settlements. Remarkably preserved portraits and texts on sandstone stelae chronicle a ruling dynasty in competition with nearby Copan. Quirigua is home to the largest stelae in the Maya World at 26 feet and 6 inches in height and weight about 65 tons. Make a stop to lunch at Rio Dulce. Then continue to Flores for accommodation. (Selected hotel or similar)

Day 8 - YAXHA, TOPOXTE, Flores Petén
Forty miles from Flores and within the Maya Biosphere Reserve, is the second largest rainforest reserve in The Americas, only after the Amazon. Yaxhá is an impressive site that deserves a visit. It is located right by a lake and Topoxte is a smaller site in an island of that lake. After visit return to Flores to overnight (Selected hotel or similar)

Day 9 - TIKAL, Guatemala City
Departing from hotel in Flores arrived to Tikal, the third UNESCO’s World Heritage Site of the itinerary and the first one in the Mayan World, since 1979. Intensive construction took place at Tikal from the late Pre-classic Period until the waning of Classic Maya civilization around AD 900. At its peak, the city covered about 48 square miles and had a population estimated at 55,000. Tikal's Stelae 29 bears the earliest Long Count date known in the Maya lowlands. In 292 AD Temple IV, one of the many pyramids erected to memorialize the dead rulers of Tikal's royal dynasty, and one of the tallest of Maya structures at 212 feet, was erected. After visit return to Flores airport to board, the 6PM flight back to Guatemala City. Reception at Guatemala City Airport and transportation to hotel (Selected hotel or similar)

Departure from Hotel to International Airport La Aurora or bus station, to return to your country or maybe continue your adventure

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